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    UNIMOG U1700L


    I’ve wanted to build a Unimog for years, this is it! I’m building a U1700L which is a long wheel base variation and often used for military applications. A fair few have been pick up beds, often with canvas covers on them and are now well into the commercial market as good used trucks.


    I’m taking my ideas from the Unimogs that have become commercial trucks, they’re often re-sprayed and come with a variety of modifications and add ons to suit their working life such winches, hydraulic PTO’s, crane arms, agricultural attachments and so on.


    To me the Unimog has a number of key features I will be replicating in this build from the portal axles to the solid reliability, the gearboxes and the level of uniqueness each Unimog has.

    I have an idea on the theme and colour scheme already;



    My list of parts so far

    – Axial ladder frame chassis
    – Axial SCX10 Axles
    – Axial Under Drive Gear Set
    – Aluminium C-Hubs
    – 3 Racing portal axles
    – Peter A Beef Tubes
    – RC4WD AX 2 Two Speed gearbox
    – RC4WD Mud Basher 1.9 Scale Tractor tyres
    – RC4WD Humvee 1.9 internal beadlock wheels
    – RC4WD Punisher Shafts
    – 55T Tekin Pro rebuildable motor
    – Proline Power Stroke suspension
    – 4 Link set up
    – Proline hardened hex screw set
    – Savox Waterproof High Torque steering servo
    – CAD/CAM Unimog U1700L Body made to order and shipped from Hong Kong

    Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list as I’ve missed off the winches and there’s a lot of fabrication work to bring this all together whilst remaining true to the original Unimog engineering ethos so stay tuned…


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    About time too Tim lol, look forward to it bud ::thumpsup::


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    Body Shell

    The kick off point for a Unimog project for me is finding the right body shell. I’ve had a Carson Unimog shell at home for a few years now but it’s not been the large scale hard body I’ve always wanted. I have considered my own styrene shell however I just don’t have the time :(

    Back in January I spotted what appeared to be a perfect shell for such a build, a lot of googling revealed this shell was still being developed by the person making them with early shells lacking detail, quality and consistency however the latest raft of updates to the design solved this. I placed my order with the person making them in January and waited for a number of months whilst the shell was cut, built and shipped. Finally, by the end of March a box arrived in the post.





    As you can see there’s a fair bit of assembly required. The mirrors, door handles, bonnet catch, vents, glass and wheel arches are all there and have all the relevant holes and adjustments pre-formed into the body.

    Now I had the body in my hands I was able to plan the rest of the details of the build and start accumulating parts from April onwards.

    A BIG THANKS to many valuable members of this forum to help me get to where I’ve got with the parts collection, you all know who you are ::thumpsup::

    More soon…


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    bill wrote:
    About time too Tim lol, look forward to it bud ::thumpsup::

    Tell me about it! The ball is well and truly rolling on this now so I’m getting rather excited B)


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    We all like a teaser pic ;)


    Pete Attryde
    Pete Attryde
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    I can say that it doesn’t look that anymore :whistle:

    However here are some more teaser shots, of a prototype of a part Tim and I briefly discussed and I am now confident will work.








    just need to make four more ::thumpsup::

    Pete's Scale Fab Shop - Facebook  Instagram


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    Looking good Pete – can’t wait to see some more B)


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    Portal Axles

    So I wanted to replicate the Unimogs Portal Axle system. On the Unimog this give a whopping advantage to off road capability by raising the pumpkin and the axle outputs right up out the way, the hubs change the plane of the drive shafts relative to the hub output shafts hence the term “Portals”.



    You can see here how much clearance they have



    With any advantage there is always a disadvantage and this comes in the form of the loads increasing monumentally on the king pin axis. Even the well over engineered Axial axles need some help in this area when running Portals. To solve this issue I have opted for brass beef tubes, these are a metal sleeve machined to fit snugly inside the axle providing a more solid mounting point for the C’s and in turn the Portal hubs. The length of the beef tubes allows the additional force to go from being concentrated at the plastic ends to being spread out across the whole axle B)

    So, these are my axles! You can see the left hand ones are standard, the right hand ones have the Portal hubs on there.



    So I can now crack on with the assembly…


    Thanks for looking! ::thumpsup::


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    looking great , nice work


    • Looking For Mud

    I’ve always liked the look of the unimog can’t wait to see what you come out with ::thumpsup::


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    Cheers folks!

    So I wanted to show the body a little more, the construction certainly seems solid


    And holds the detail well



    Fourth Protocol
    Fourth Protocol
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    I love this truck — first (and ONLY) choice for when the zombie poxyclipse hits. This one looks quality.

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    Can’t beat a super mog build,nice to see your long considered project coming together ;popcorn; B)


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    The Unimog has a number of gearbox functions which I’m hoping to replicate, particularly the crawler option and the road gears along with a level of PTO’s. As you can see below there are quite a few gears to choose from


    And the typical layout showing the road gears, crawler gears and PTO’s below show how it’s not quite so simple to drive, however it is all squeezed into one compact unit


    To achieve the attribute I’m after of a good crawling gear ratio and a good on road and wheel speed I’ve looked at quite a few gearboxes. I’ve selected the RC4WD AX2 Two speed gearbox for a number of reasons; it’s compact like a Unimog, it’s going to sit central in the chassis, it should be reliable straight out the box and take some power and it has the following ratios;

    15T 32P Steel Pinion
    60T 32P Delrin Spur
    Gear ratio Pinion / Spur ratio = 4:1
    2 Speed
    Wide Steel 48 pitch internal gears
    1st Gear Ratio = 5.05:1
    2nd Gear Ratio = 1.78:1
    Slipper Clutch
    Shift Servo mount
    Compatible With Other Brand Pinions and Spur Gears

    So I have a level of fine tuning should I need it. To go with the gearbox I’ve also bought some Axial under drive gears for both axles to further reduce the wheel speed and increase torque and control.


    The Propshafts are RC4WD Punisher shafts to hopefully take away the woeful days out being called short by a failed prop…

    The 3Racing portals are likely to be the weakest parts in my drive line, I’ve already addressed the issue of the hubs shearing the plastic axle housing by using beef tubes however the internal gears use bushes rather than bearings. I believe this is due to the increased load so I’m going to shim any play out and see how I get on with them.


    All the issues I can find with them seem to have been from when they first came out and since then nothing reported. I checked mine for uprated drive shafts – they weren’t long enough to engage the drive shaft and ruined themselves on full lock – which have also been fixed. This method is a gamble, if it doesn’t work I’ll go back to the drawing board and see what I can do about it! :pinch:

    Rolling Chassis

    So pulling all this together gives me a rolling chassis :woohoo:






    B) B) B) B)

    I decided to go with the RC4WD 1.9 Scale Tractor Tyres as I think that pattern suits the Unimog aesthetics and its mud plugging abilities down to the ground. I’ve been waiting a long time for a tyre like this to appear, my only issue is they could do with being wider.

    The wheels are a nightmare to assemble, they’re only hand tight but it’s a good hour/wheel by hand. I’ve since acquired something to help out with that but they will need to come apart again for weight and lock tight on the nuts :pinch:

    However, I’m more than pleased with the result and the aesthetics with the tyres B) ::thumpsup::

    I’ll leave you all with one last picture and one more teaser in this post, there’s better pictures waiting to be posted after this ;)


    Pete Attryde
    Pete Attryde
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    As some may have already guessed Tim has asked me to make some parts for this build as he currently have the facilities to do it himself.

    One of the request was to see if it was possible to make the spring and shock mounts as accurate as possible but retain the ability to adjust the pre-load on the springs.

    For those who don’t know the 1:1 suspension looks like this


    So separate springs and shocks :pinch:

    Having made the prototype the other day (see pictures I posted early in the thread), Today I made the production ones,

    They are completely machined from aluminium, and the adjustment thread is 1/4 UNF as it gives a fairly fine adjustment. I have sized the mounts to work with the stock springs that come with Pro-line scale shocks.

    Here are the final parts






    The only slight alteration from the 1:1 will be that the shocks will have to mounted slightly differently due to using SCX axles.

    More from me soon :P

    Pete's Scale Fab Shop - Facebook  Instagram

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