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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>CBE33D6F-AA23-474F-A97D-78CB6A0CAA4FC811C447-79D7-4C6C-95AC-4093AD0499EABD340BEE-B0B9-48B3-ABB1-BBDC747EC0884F841960-EEF8-40A6-93FA-BB83264F303C40E670FB-2C17-4420-9882-64F953005FE0514B9A89-C0CB-46C1-8855-F4004A680154Evening all, Hope your keeping safe and well. Been busy the last few weeks modding my TRX-4. Amongst a fairly substantial list of mods.
    Also just completed, a double cab pick up conversion. Plus added some 2.2 mudslingers. Think it looks the business now.
    Hopefully share some photos if i can make it work.

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