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    Time for a new build and I really wanted to do a hard body, after much deliberation and looking around I kept coming back to the Toyota LC70 by Killerbody, not just because of the superb detail and endless options for it, but basically because I just love a pickup, I must have been a redneck in a former life. I nearly went for the RCModelex kit but opted against it for a couple of reasons, I emailed them a twice just to ask A couple of questions, but got no response on either occasion and also I wanted this truck to be just as capable as my other trucks and the RCModelex kit looked good but wasn’t sure about the 1.55 wheels and the availability of upgrades as I had no answer to my emails. Things have started turning up today so this is what I went for.



    and it’s going to be mounted on this


    ive got a few more parts on order, xtra speed cantilever rear suspension, Traxxas wheelbase conversion kit (313mm to 324mm) and a Bowhouse low COG battery tray. I think I’ve got enough to be getting on with until those parts arrive though, there must be a million parts to the body 🙄🤣

    thanks for looking


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    I look forward to seeing this come together.  I wish I’d said sooner but I think I’ve got an RCModelex chassis for the LC70 that I’m not using, doh!

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    • Trailing And Scaling
    • ★★★★

    First stage is done, we have a roller. It was actually a really nice kit to build, no parts trees, everything is bagged up and ready to go and the plastics feel really good quality, also had the bonus of the shocks and links already built (which I hate doing) although I did remove the shock seals and rebuild with some Associated Green Slime and they are super smooth.



    obviously there are quite a few bits that are going to change, wheels and tyres, battery tray, rear shocks for a cantilever set up etc etc.

    i’ll make a start on the body next weekend, which I can only imagine will be quite a long process. Regarding the body any tips and advice will be much appreciated, I.e. painting process (priming, sanding) will I need glue, if so which type (hot glue?) I’ve got all my paints and primer already (just using Tamiya TS paint as they had the colours I wanted) so I’m just in need of some expert advice 😬 Thanks in advance

    and thanks for looking


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