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      I have been able to buy a Hilux body that was from the same owner as the YJ, and since I have something else on the way home, I have not taken a Modelex chassis for this one, but rather one with leaf springs, a trailfinder of course hehehehehe I will put that on As always I thought and I will remove what I don’t like and what’s left over hehehehe

      This is the car that has arrived


      And here we have the sister bodysuit of the YJ


      And without great efforts, just as I had planned, the axles above the leaf springs but turned around, not as I had them, I removed the two-speed box and the transfer with that protruding belly and I put in an hpi with a central transfer in the purest rcmodelex style , all the weight will be lower and the flat belly should come as standard with this car, 2300 combo and mob servo

      And here with his brother ready for action

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