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    Started collecting parts for this at the back end of last year, but as I now have most of the bits I need I finally made some time to make a start on it.

    Here is a pic of the pile of bits I had collect by the end of january.


    I decide not use the wheels and tires (yes I know there are only 3 tires)  on this in the end.

    Chassis is a team Gspeed V3

    Front axle is made up from an SSD diamond pro centre section and SSD Trailking axle tubes and shafts with SSD C-Hubs, Knuckles and hub weights.

    The rear is an SSD diamond pro.

    I am fairly sure the shocks are off my SSD trialking.

    Gearbox will most likely be the traxxas 1/16 e-revo one shown in the picture however the motor probably wont be the one pictured, but the Overlander batteries 400 size inrunner the same as I have used on a number of other of my builds.

    ESC is a Castle Mamba Micro X

    Is a Savox HV one.

    Here is where I got up to today before I had to stop.


    The body started off as Carisma Subaru Brat that I then spoiled 😉 by pinching the front and bobbing the rear, still needs a lot more work but I am happy with the outcome so far.

    More as it happens.

    Thanks as ever for looking in.


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    Such a nice pile of bits. I’ve never thought about chopping a Brat. The body mods are really subtle.

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