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    Rural Essex. A flat and featureless expanse of fields and small woods, gently rolling hills and bleak, stony beaches. A world away from the cliche trope of fake, plastic people with superficial tic-tac grins.

    With the world on the possible brink of societal collapse, one plucky young Hilux driver set off to deliver essential supplies. But more essentially, was trying to find a great spot to have a bit of a play. Why not fiddle when Rome burns?

    He travelled through blank, empty marshland and dusty deserts until he could see in the fabled ‘death-road’ in the distance, on the cliffs of the abandoned quarry.

    It was there he faced his greatest challenge – another driver claimed the territory as his own and a chase broke out!

    Turns out he was an alright bloke though and much diet-comping fun ensued. All was well with the world (well, you know, apart from *vaguely gestures at everything*)

    Dunno why I tried to frame this as some kind of story. Could be boredom or just a general malaise brought about by end-times.

    TLDR: Me and a pal cut a four tier course into the side of hill which takes about 20mins to complete and has so much scope for different lines depending on truck ability. We had so much fun building and driving it and can’t believe we didn’t do it earlier on in lockdown.

    Hope everyone’s safe and well

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    Brilliant, great scene setting.  If we can’t use our imagination what’s the point?  Good to see you’re still getting out trailing.  I keep wondering why I haven’t done more of the same, must try harder.

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    I like a bit of Essex and I like the pics and trucks.

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