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    I bought this about when it was re-re’d about a year ago, built up some of it, painted the shell had a bit of a falling out with my wife about how just how many toy cars a person needs. So it got stuck in its box and forgotten about until earlier today when on a rare child free day off work I decided to finish the build.

    Unfortunately somewhere in the course of the last year I’ve managed to misplace the sprues that contain the servo mounts and steering arm rod ends (I suspect they might have been chucked in the last great workshop clearout) so I’ve had to order new ones and once they arrive I’ll get them installed along with a hobbywing 1080 esc mated to an mfa rx-15 motor which is exactly the same motor as the famous tamiya technigold.

    Paint is Alclad Holomatic Spectral Chrome which looks pretty close to the silvery grey that tamiya recommend for box art until the sunlight hits it and it goes insane.

    20190607_155619Looking pretty stock.



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