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    Well, I got bored of the D90 I built last year, it wasn’t scale (this probably wont be tbf) or capable and I’ve done so much damage to the body it looks awful now.

    I salvaged the axles and transmission and now its looking even sadder.


    I was offered this 3D printed/steel body

    And I couldn’t say no…

    I’m keeping with 4×4, I dont really like how 6 and 8 wheelers drive. I wanted to stick some huge 2.2’s under it but it turned out a bit wider than I was expecting so I’ll stick with the 1.9’s off the D90.

    Mock up

    Still a little unsure of what WB to go for, at the moment I’m thinking around 330/340.

    I picked up some 16mm square steel box section for the ladder frame and split it down the middle to get C sections.

    I apologise in advanced for the welding you’re about to see… gasless flux core… That’s my excuse anyway.

    I spaced it out with some steel bar and slung the skid plate underneath, about 25mm lower than the chassis.

    The plan now is to get some steel plate and rod and make a bed and cage for the rear. The cab, bed and cage will be attached as 1 piece and be removable from the chassis, no clue as to how I’m gonna do that but I’m sure it cant be that hard.

    Currently work has stalled as I have broken my calipers and angle grinder (unrelated, I promise) so till the replacements arrive I cant do much other than look at it…

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    that cab in black looks quite sinister. What do you’ll be putting on the rear to balance to weight?

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    I’m waiting for a 200x500x3mm aluminium sheet to put over the back as a bed, it’ll have a battery box on it as well as a bit of a cage. May need to upgrade the motor and run a few more cells.

    It’s going to be more of a trial truck so I may not leave the cab black, might end up being something silly like flouro yellow haha

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    Very nice start, I do like the design of those military trucks.

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    Well, stuff arrived and I ran out of spare time.

    But since I’ve dismantled the D90 to build this I have no functional rig, and that’s getting boring so this is turning into a rush job/hack, which will probably suit it tbh.

    I got the lower links machined and the rears ended up being huge, 160mm between shoulders!



    And I stole the 2 brass shocks I made for the D90 and made 2 more (finally) then turned up some little mounts to weld onto the chassis.




    Which promptly turned into bananas when welding… I mean, they still work and no ones really going to see it with the body on, but I’ll know its there…

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the uppers on the front are going to be awkward, so my solution is just 1 upper and a panhard setup, which will need some parts as the axle is mount less at the moment.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Doesn’t look too different with the body on, yet.</p>


    The aluminium sheet will cover the rear with a small roll bar and battery box (which will cover the spur too).

    I’m very much looking forward to getting out again, don’t think I’ve been to a proper meet since last July!

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Sorted the uppers yesterday, as well as the extra long rear prop shaft and a servo mount. I figured I could squeeze a 4 link in so iv stuck to servo on the axle since it’ll be hidden by the bodies huge chin.</p>


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>IMG_20200206_163729</p>

    The bodge knows no bounds with this one…

    Hopefully I’ll have the body/bed on today.

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    Got the bed on.


    And now I can’t decide what to do with it. Part of me wants to build a recovery crane for the back. I did want to keep it as a trial truck but it needs a lot more weight rearward at the moment.

    My other option is battery storage so it can carry all its own spare batteries… It would make my backpack significantly lighter.

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    Added a bit more steel.



    The steel rear bumper hangs a bit of weight for counter balance over the back but it’s still not enough. I might just weld some plate stacks underneath to bring the CoG back.

    Fingers crossed it looks a bit neater when painted, however I’m going to brave Storm Dennis with it tomorrow to give it a shake down, see which welds want to break ect before I commit to painting everything.

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