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    I’m glad its not just me that ends up shelving stuff for years and then for one reason or another goes back to them. Ive done that this xmas with a rc18t I found in the loft whilst getting the xmas tree out.

    The hovercraft looks superb Pete. I had a look on their website and can see that when I get things sorted from the flood I will be getting a few bits from their webshop.

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    Fab fabbing Pete. I’m interested in see how it runs ::thumb::

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    I took this and the go-pro down the river this afternoon for it’s maiden voyage/flight. Hovercraft worked pretty well, easier to control than I thought it would be. However the camera decided (I suspect finger trouble on my part) to capture any of the action ::doh:: so I shall have to take it out for another spin soon and try again.

    I have finished more or less finished the paint (some may recognise the color scheme)



    hopefully have some video for the next post.

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    Nice Rusky hovercraft, comrade :-)

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