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      It’s been a while since I have updated or done much with any of my trucks, work has kept me occupied sadly.

      Is time to finish a few of those projects that I am currently working on (Finishing the hilux, finishing the land cruiser, finishing the toyzuki hilux thing, finishing my rc drift car, re-assembling the gearbox for my scx10.ii, re doing a few bits that I originally got wrong on the Suzuki sj build, finishing the land rover series 3 109 and the list go’s on) but I have had a shell I brought while heavily discounted 8-9 months ago and it has just been sat in its box with a load of option parts (opening doors, full interior, ARB bumper and a few other things)

      I have been struggling to decide what chassis to use for it as the scx10.ii does not fit with the interior and its a little too wide, after much contemplation I settle for an rc4wd tf2 lwb (chassis only) as I had a pair of yota axles unused, leaf springs, tons of links etc. a couple of evenings work has led to a fairly good start and identifying the issues/hold backs that I will need to resolve soon and I have several parts ordered up already.

      Plan is to create a fairly light duty offroad/hauler trail truck that is a scale as I can possibly make it, 1.55 wheel, 3.3″ AT tires, spring under axle rear, 3 link + panhard front suspension, fully detailed interior with moving steering wheel, dash lights, driver and a scale engine, maybe… so far I have go the chassis laid out how is like it and the rear axle mounted as I want it, front links ready to be altered to length, I need to make a better bumper mount, a front body mount, transmission layout, find a way to attach a disruptor planetary gearbox up front, panhard mounting location and steering links.



      Front axle is just floating, and I need to source a bumper mount that doesn’t rotate and bolt on through the winch mounting holes.



      The limited space for motor esc and gearbox in the transmission tunnel.



      I know I need to either make my own skid or modify the bolt holes on the chassis to make the unused link holes line up


      I need to mod the hubs or  find a set of VVV-C0371 reduced offset hub for the 1.55 landy stamped steels to get the track right-er as it will still have too much poke for the look I’m attempting at the moment.

      Any input is welcome as I am out of my depth with this project. cant even find the hubs in the UK.

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        I’m looking forward to this Josh, your plans sound great and it will be nice to see one with rear leafs, not many of those about it would seem.  It might be worth ordering your reduced offset hubs directly from RC4WD.  I’ve ordered small stuff from them before when there’s no stock here in the UK anywhere.  It comes reasonably quickly and at that price is unlikely to attract any additional duty (though not guaranteed.)


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          First thing a did this evening was mount up a the pair of tires I ordered to check the wheel offset and how far out it was, I decided that I could get away with narrowing the hubs slightly so I did one as a tester. I have removed 2.2mm off the wheel fitting side of the hub and could easily remove another 2-3mm of the other side with some time but maybe 1mm would suffice for the perfect offset. Like to here peoples thoughts.


          stock hub


          Modified hub


          Now I’ve got one hub narrowed I will get the other 3 turned down with a lathe by  a friend and the first one trued a little even tough it is almost perfect as it is. The 1.55 Micky Thompson Baja MTZ tires are a pretty good size for this build. Now onto mounting the disruptor transmission with 35t motor up the front.

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            Hi all, been quiet on the RC front for a few years now due to a change of job.

            Finally getting some time to work on my builds again!!

            Managed to get the front suspension working how I wanted after too many flawed attempts to count, now running king 80mm shocks with the coils attached to axle (still need to make the final upper spring perch). Chassis has impressive articulation considering how low and restrictive my intentions on realism are for this build. was able to give the chassis a quick test run on some uneven tarmac/stones outside my flat today and I’m very happy with how well it performs, its not got a lot of wheel speed but it has a lot of toque so it should work for how I intend to use this build. also got the ARB bumper built up and installed on the chassis in such a way that it fits perfectly to the body. Just need to make a mount for the fairlead I had laying around which I’m going to mount directly to the bumper with the winch sat slightly further back.

            Don’t mind the mess of wiring, that will all be sorted once I’ve finalised the electronics and made inner arches.


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