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    Hi there,


    between the ugly wrecker Samil and the following Build I’ve realised a dream from my youth. A floating crane.


    Full functional of course. 🙂

    But, this is an off-road forum. So I’d like to show you my next Build.

    Unsusual as usual and scale in a specific way.

    Amphibious cars are not new but I want a amphibiuos car that was on water just as fast as on land.

    The military m3 bridge building vehicle with his simple technique was a first starting point in my mind. But it is in water very slow because the whole Body with tires etc. is in water too.

    So I’ve decide to adapt the military part and raise his functionality with the possibility to get the car out of the water.

    In words it is hard to describe so I’ve made a short animation to show you the principle.

    Please, take a look at :

    Building self the base car with all his links and other usual parts should be boring to me, and after traxxas launched his strong and waterproofed trx6 I can directly go to the more exicting parts of the build.

    But not before Testing the trx6 under real conditions 🙂


    muddy waters

    Never before I’ve build a boathull or floats (the floating crane has a very simple squared hull) therefore my next steps are to get knowledge about this for me new terrain of laminating.

    Parallel the planning of the combined Floats and Drivers Cabins are going on. Actual Standing

    basisfahrzeug v13basisfahrzeug v13-2


    Stay tuned for updates



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    Wow Ralf, that crane! And now this, I love your ambition, creativity and can do attitude. This will be amazing.

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    Thanks for your kind words.

    Today i‘ve made my first attempt to build the forms for the floats.


    The rough shape is done. Next are 3d shaping sanding and laminating.

    I wonder how many iterations i‘ll need for   a good finish.



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