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      Why would I want to over drive my front axles I hear you ask?  Well you may not if you want to stay true to scale, you don’t ever drive your rig competitively or you’re fortunate enough to own a rig with remote locking diffs such as the TRx-4. However with the permanently locked differentials found on models manufactured by RC4WD, Axial and many others, rotating the front axle a little faster than the rear improves the ability of your truck in a number of areas. After all in a real world truck you would not drive around on all surfaces with all the differentials permanently locked.

      Firstly your steering will improve, the front will push on less when attempting to make those tight turns.  Secondly torque twist will be reduced and you’ll find your rig pulling itself over obstacles more easily and less inclined to lift its front wheels and roll over backwards.  Thirdly on descents you’ll find the under rotating rear wheels acts a little like a dig, helping prevent front roll overs.

      But, but won’t this break my drivetrain I also hear you ask?  If you spend the vast majority of your time driving on loose surfaces it will not be an issue.  If however you intend running some super sticky tyres on a super sticky surface then the additional strain on the drivetrain may eventually cause a problem.

      Over driving your front axle can be achieved by either changes in the gearing of your axles or directly from the transfer case.
      Axial supply overdrive gears for their popular D44 axles however at the time of writing they have not as yet provided an option for the newer AR44 axles found on the SCX10.2, although third party options are available.

      Where there is no option to change the gearing of your axles you can instead utilise a transfer case with built in overdrive to the front axle, current options include products from GCM Racing and RC4WD.

      RC4WD transfer case with over drive.


      LRT2 transmission from GCM Racing


      Axial Over/Under drive gears.


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