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    whilst attending “Superscale 2019 I couldn’t help but notice a few people had what I’ve been told were engine sound boxes fitted and it appears that some people think these are just gimmicks while other people love them,  admittedly more people didn’t have them fitted than did, So my question is, if I was to buy one an anyone recommend the best one to buy, as I certainly noticed some sounded better than others, there was even one that sounded like it would of been more suited fitted to a jet aircraft.  One with engine start up sound would be nice, any help on the subject appreciated.

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    I’m not a fan of the noise as it gets quite repetitive. I did however find a solution in the small Orlando hunter sound system. I used it in a build where size was limited but it also made it a little quieter than the others.

    I picked mine up from eBay but there’s not many there. Asiatees sells them but I can’t seem to get my piece of fruit to copy the link.




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    I own a Beier. I like the Beier due to her versatile range of possibilities.

    Sounds and lights in every way you may think. Different sounds at gear changing, starting sounds and a lot more.  link in english: https://www.beier-electronic.de/modellbau/produkte/usm-rc-2/usm-rc-2.php


    What I don’t like: Guys, playing sounds hours and hours the hole trail long.  Sound as an effect on a posing? Ok. But not the hole time.

    I use my Beier more for Lightings. With it, you can do much more than just direction lights and headlights.

    The programming is easy and for people obsessed in details a rich source of experience and fun but it is really not Plug and Play.




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