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    A affliction that hits many modelers and scale builders is make plans or begin projects that acumulate over time.

    There’s a challenge. Who will post projects or ideas, started or not and it’s progress/stage

    I’ll begin:

    * Jk 2dr on scx10 – 100% drivable but mods in the future

    *other JK shell – can’t decide if soft or hardcore

    *Campbell MoonBuggy – 1% started

    *trailer for JK – just the parts

    *Unimog 6×6 – almost done

    *M548 – almost done

    *dragon slayer for a friend – have the donor chassis

    *4700 class KOH – done

    *d90 for a client – done, not delivered

    *scale hidraulic steering – prototype done and seems to work. Need a car to mount it

    *F-toy on rc4wd fracture chassis – not started

    Want to see your pile of projects 🙂

    Fourth Protocol
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    Well here’s mine again 🤨😎
    ● GOX (German Offroad eXpedition, start number 194) Jeep JK (50% there)
    ● Citroën H (80% there)
    ● Jeep JL (80% there)
    ● Ford F5 COE (50% finished)
    ● Pinzgauer (25% complete)
    ● Buffel (5% started?)
    ● LCVP/Higgins Boat (5% started?)
    ● Opel Blitz (25% or so)
    ● M26 Dragon Wagon (5% started?)
    ● Apocalypse Defender (5%)

    And two I’m pretty sure I’ll either start over or not finish at all –
    ● Mercedes Benz LPS1480 (25%)
    ● Bedford RL (25%)

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    Ahh I don’t think I’ll ever finish the majority of my builds. I can’t stop evolving them.

    Toyota hilux is currently in for the lights re-wiring and ribs in the new bed.

    Toyota fj40 (my first rc4wd build) got used once, was dreadful and fell over all the time. taken apart. left for almost 9 months in pieces while I did other builds. now being remade into an even more scale hopefully better version. thread to come.

    Toyota EA86 (not off-road) taking ages to hand paint the details in a flexan shell, just got some liquid mask to help.

    Suzuki sj, well its my favourite real car but I cant stop tweaking it though and maybe one day ill bother to put shocks on it but it works well without.

    land rover 109 series 3 pickup. done the front pretty much and the chassis I’m happy with but the rear end still looks too defenderish and need to make minor repairs after the G6 in may. and maybe leaf it…

    Unimog 404, build the start of the cab. its a little out of proportion so needs to be reworked when I can be motivated

    1.9 bomber with CMS, front mounted motor, transfer case, full interior, scale cab but stuck for reliable parts to make the front motor without a full gearbox and a solid CMS design

    my poor lc70 truggy that I wrote off at the G6 in may, might break it down to use parts for other builds and rebuild it fresh on a new scx10.ii frame I have laying around

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    Fourth protocol, forgot the kubelwagen 🙂

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    I’ve got a few builds waiting in line….when I finally get the motivation to do them.

    *Gmade sawback with a aluminium Toyota Hilux body that I ran once didn’t like it, then got shelved 3-4 years back and has slowly yielded a lot of it’s parts for other builds.

    *Vaterra twin hammers been waiting around 2 years to be fixed and have a scale truck body (made by mark) fitted.

    *Jeep Chief Concept body (made by Fourth protocol) waiting for the roof to be fixed that broke about a year ago.

    *Rc4wd Tf2 LWB chassis that’s going to have a Jeep truck body on, except for some mod’s on the axles it’s not even started (had most of the parts for a few month’s now)

    *Team raffee leaf sprung SWB chassis which is planned to have a 3D printed 40’s Ford pickup body (another that’s not even started).

    *Was also going to add my scx10 with a Mercedes G class body that needed some tlc to the list but I got it running today so that’s one checked off at least  😉

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    My greatest disappointing Project was a Live-Steam-Steampunk-8×8


    After a very frustrating try to build the Boiler I stop this thing.

    The „cabin“ with the rotating seat waiting for a new Idea to use in/on a car. Rest is disassembled.


    The self-designed and developed two-cylinder motor will be work well again if I setup a new Steam-Project



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    Who’s brave enough to update this list?

    I’ll add a 6×6 tow truck + trailer to move the M548,which I had the cab almost printed and a TRX-4 that will be a Unimog

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