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    So I finally got the taps and dies to crack on with my shock absorber design.

    I like to run my shocks without oil for a bit of scale wobble so I wanted to make some internal spring shocks out of brass. Not sure whether these will go on the D90 or if I’ll save them for a new build. I only had enough brass stock to make a pair so I’m in no rush to get them on a car.

    The cylinders are brass (obviously), the shafts are drill rod (W1 I think) and the piston is aluminium, hopefully if it wears it’ll wear faster than the cylinder bore.






    They’re 10mm OD with a 8mm bore, 3mm shaft and threaded 9×1. I’m particularly happy with the thread fit, you cant see the split once together, its like magic.

    I plan on making another matching pair of these once I get my hands on some more brass, then starting work on the mk2 version in which I’ll put seals in the bottom cap so they’ll hold oil.


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    Nice and clean work



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    Yes, they are lovely.

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    Thanks guys!

    I’d like to do away with the soldered top mount and make it all one piece, like a normal rc shock absorber.

    To do this I need the press fit spherical plain bearings you get in aluminium rod ends.

    Without buying rod ends and pushing them out myself, does anyone know where I might find something like this? They obviously exist somewhere.

    Ideally I want 3mm ID and about 8mm OD. All I’ve been able to find in 3mm ID is 12mm OD for industrial applications, oh and they’re over £20 each…

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