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    Pete Attryde
    Pete Attryde
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    Having ironed out most of the issues with the 3D printed Range Rover Classic interior (Front Seats, Center Console, Dashboard, Instrument Binnacle, steering column, Steering wheel) I find myself in possesion of a set of V1 prototype prints that I don’t need.

    These parts have been scaled and altered to fit the JSscale 3 Door range Rover Body so I can’t garantee they will fit any of the other Range Rover Classic shells that are available (the dash is 195mm wide)

    This is what you will get (the grey bits are printed in ABS, the white bits are printed in PLA). All the prints need some clean up and sanding as they have only had the support structure removed to allow for test fitting. The lid of the Center Console cubby box has some holes in it which will require some filling.

    Here’s what you will get.


    As such the first person to PM asking for them can have them for £5 to cover post and packing.


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